I started 2-CD recording project early last year and at long last masters just completed.  

Thanks to Steve Epstein, producer and Todd Whitelock, recording engineer from the bottom of my heart.  

Recording itself was finished last year: classical album for solo marimba, and duo with Richard was taken in March at Recital Hall of Purchase Performance Center, while Jazz-Pop-World one with Steve Gadd and Eddie Gomez others was done in August at Power Station Studio, NY. Since then it took us a lot of time and money for editing, mixing and mastering maily because it was a project without crowd funding, but I believe all these helped as a result give us enough time to elaborate CD’s to the highest satisfactory level.

Classical CD Track List
     Producer & Recording Engineer  Steven Epstein

     Location  Recital Hall, Purchase Performance Center, NY

1. CHROMATIC FANTASY & FUGUE     J.S. Bach     Richard Stoltzman (arr.) 
   FANTASY  Richard Stoltzman Clarinet Solo)

   FUGUE        Clarinet, Marimba, Bandoneon (Hector del Curt)

2.CHACONNE FROM PARTITA FOR VIOLIN No.2    J.S. Bach  Mika Stotzman (arr.)
                           Marimba Solo   Mika Stoltzman

3.  PAVANNE     Maurice Ravel    Richard & Mika Stoltzman (arr.)
                          Marimba, Clarinet

4. MOSTLY BLUES Nos.2,8 & 12     W.T.McKinley
                         Marimba, Clarinet

5. PALIMPSEST     John Zorn
                        Marimba, Clarinet

6. ETUDE No.5   Piazzolla
                       Clarinet Solo

7. FUGA Y MISTERIO       Piazzolla    
                      Marimba, Clarinet, Bandoneon and Bass(Pedro Giraudo)

Jazz-World CD Track List
       Producer  Steven Epstein   
Recording Engineer  Todd Whitelock

       Location  Power Station Studio, NY

1. SPAIN     Chick Corea   Tim Garland (arr.)*
           *On Chick’s recommendation, Tim made us such a sophisticated arrangement.

2. AFRO BLUE    Santamaria  David Matthews (arr.)
         *I’ve been working with these musicians for ten years now, and on hearing the mix for this track, I was filled with a great feeling of 
           accomplishment.  I was so happy to notice I was definitely swinging. LOL

3. TAPEREBA      Hamilton de Holand    Santos (arr.)
         *My favorite track. Though melody is simple, it turns into a grand piece.  A Brazilian Bandolim genius, Hamilton de Holand joins us.
          A dream come true.

4. RETURN TO BAHIA    Bill Douglas
          * String Quartet joins this tack as well as track 1 (Spain)

5. 50 WAYS TO LEAVE YOUR LOVER    Paul Simon   Steve Gadd (arr.)
         *Featuring Steve Gadd of course, but you’ll also enjoy solo by Hamilton, Richard and Eddie.

6. LETTER FROM HOME    Pat Metheny    Peter John Stoltzman (arr.)
        *Marimba-Clarinet Duo for Matheny’s masterpiece.

7. DJ DOUG DEMOCKRACY   Julie Spencer   Mika Stoltzman (arr.)
        *Funky piece feturing Duke, also drum solo by Steve.

8. RHAPSODY IN BLUE    Gershwin  Kazunori Maruyama (arr.)
        *Mr. Maruyama, arranger comes over from Japan to join us on piano.

   Marimba        Mika Stoltzman  - All tracks
   Clarinet           Richard Stoltzman - 1,2,3,5,6.8
   Drums             Steve Gadd - 1,2,3,4,5,7
   Bass                 Eddie Gomez - 1,2,3,4,5,7,8
   Percussions    Duke Gadd - 1,2,3,4,5,7
   Brazilian          Hamilton de Holand - 3 & 5
   Piano               Kazunori Maruyama - 8

Lastly thank you Steve Gadd and Eddie Gomez, with whom I’ve been playing together for ten years, for your participation.

Also huge thanks to beloved Eiko & Hiroki from Japan for their financial support to cover vast expenses incurred from this recording project,

and my dearest husband Richard Stoltzman, who made all this possible. 

Words cannot express my appreciation very well. Thank you all.

Two CD’s will come out soon. Classical CD will be released from Avie Records, leading London/US basis label, hopefully in June. Warwick Thompson, noted UK journalist is supposed to write liner note. 

On the other hand, I’m looking for suitable label for Jazz-World CD. It would be 3rd Mikarimba with Steve Gadd CD album.  This time I’ve concentrated on giving the recordings distinctive categorization, which was not so clear in my previous albums.

My Dream. My Goal:  To be the first marimbist to win Grammy.  I feel it’s getting closer little by litte. Just my imagination? LOL
Make dream come true by any means. It’s my style of life. If not this time, I’ll keep on trying of course. I will continue to make new recordings which no other marimbist have ever done before. 

Thinking it’s my mission to leave wonderful new tunes and performances to the history, I keep struggling hard every day. 

My thanks to everyting that enables me to pursue my dream right now.
Love, Mika

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